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360 Rotation Follow-up Gimbal Stabilizer, the preferred choice by content creators!




Capture smooth, dynamic videos with gesture controls!

Use the "OK" gesture to start tracking. Use the "Stop" gesture to fix the gimbal in place. Save time by controlling from a distance and focus on your performance while the gimbal acts as your assistant. Spend less time editing and more time creating!

The VideoTrack can rotate continuously for 360 degrees, allowing you to move naturally without worrying about framing.


Compatible with retractable tripods, the rotation feature and stability of this gimbal stabilizer allows for effortless filming with professional results. Simply attach your camera and start recording. Enjoy the freedom to move and save time on editing.

Enhance your audience's experience with more dynamic and engaging videos. Never miss a moment due to incorrect framing. Capture special moments with family or friends with more independence. Get your VideoTrack Stand now! Lightweight and compact model that fits anywhere.

Tech Specs: 18cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm size, USB charging, compatible with all smartphone models, and standard tripod. *Superb tracking within 1-3 meter range.


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